Spacelab Ignition

279 EUR / 249 USD   149 EUR / 169 USD

The dawn of a new era.

Whether you produce music or mix for film/video, broadcast, games or VR/AR, Spacelab opens up a revolutionary new way of putting all of your tracks into the right acoustic perspective.

Spacelab is more than just reverb, more than just panning and more than just spatial audio. It combines these three into one plugin because they naturally belong together.

The future of audio is object-based.

The time is over, where complicated routing was necessary for achieving great mixes with everything in its right place. Treating audio as objects in space, as it is natural for human beings, Spacelab takes away the burden of complicated or sometimes even impossible routing for natural-sounding spatialization and reverb.

The future of audio is 3D.

On the verge of a listening revolution where 3D audio becomes mainstream and is accessible to everyone over headphones and soundbars, Spacelab provides a comprehensive solution for 3D-audio production with the ease of use of a plugin. With Spacelab you can produce 3D audio within any DAW, breaking through its limitations.

The future of audio is any format.

With Spacelab you can produce for any format, may it be classic mono or stereo, any surround or 3D speaker layout or may it be binaural, which is 3D for headphones. Spacelab perfectly fits into your Dolby Atmos or MPEG-H production workflow. Mix once, produce for any format.

Ignition contains everything which is essential to create a stunning 3D-audio experience. It is specifically tailored to musicians and music producers, but of course not limited to that.

To quickly get started download the demo and watch the jumpstart tutorial.

Martin Rieger

What makes Spacelab outstanding is that it is so easy to use on the one hand and can be so complex on the other. The innovative workflow allows creative possibilities and combinations that I don't know from any other tool. Due to Spacelab, I gained new inspiration about mixing in 3d space and had a blast during the whole process.


High end algorithmic reverb

developed by the experts at Fraunhofer IIS, the inventors of MP3

Object based 3D-panner



MPEG-H Exporter plugin (optional)

Feature Comparison Spacelab Interstellar Spacelab Ignition
Inputs / Outputs 256 24
Audio Objects 256 24
Snapshots yes no
Spatial EQ yes no
Individual Spread per Source yes no
Map View yes no
Listener degrees of freedom 6 (position & orientation) 3 (position)
Source view hide / focus yes no

Download the installer for Spacelab Ignition here. The current version is: 1.1.1.

To start your 14-day trial just hit the Try button in the about window after opening the plugin.

Below are the installers for the MPEG-H Exporter plugin, which can be used to export the output of Spacelab in MPEG-H production format. The current version is: 1.0.0.

Currently there is a known issue with the MPEG-H Exporter plugin. It is not working in Apple Logic Pro X 10.7 and onward and will crash immediately. For using it with Logic, please use a version prior to 10.7.