AD 480 Reverb RE Rack Extension

Pro quality studio reverb effect for Propellerheads Reason and Reason Essentials.

Enhance and enrich your recordings and live sound with the perfect sonic texture of your choice. The AD 480 Reverb RE is capable of simulating a virtually unlimited number of acoustic spaces of all sizes. Powerful filters shape the sonic color of the reverb and the unique “cross feed” function enables you to control the directional behavior of the reverb according to the panorama angle of the input signal. The user interface is designed for quick and comfortable access to all parameters.On the back panel you find stereo outputs for the mixed signal as well as for wet and dry separated, giving you great routing flexibility. The vast number of CV-inputs enable you to automate and modulate almost all of the AD 480 Reverb REs parameters and let you discover entirely new ways to creatively use reverb in your production.


  • professional reverb sound effect with variable room size
  • reverb time and spatial dimensions independently tweakable
  • extensive filter layout for a wide spectrum of sound
  • 54 new presets with unique sound
  • 108 excellent presets from the iOS version
  • separate outputs for mixed, wet and dry signals for flexible routing
  • 20 CV-inputs for insane modulation

Combinator Backdrop

Combinator Backdrop AD 480 Reverb RE

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