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NEW! - Mastering Console --- NEW! - gravitas MDS.

The dynamic duo for mastering Dolby Atmos - Mastering Console and gravitas MDS

Use the Mastering Console to master your Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF files and finalize them before sending them to distributors/DSPs. Use gravitas MDS inside the Mastering Console as a high-end mastering compressor on your entire Dolby Atmos mix or select just the parts you do want to process.

Mastering of Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF files just like stereo mixes was impossible, until now. Finally it is here! The Mastering Console is the only Dolby Atmos mastering tool with a sophisticated mastering compressor built-in (gravitas MDS license required), with which you can conveniently give your Dolby Atmos mix the final touch. Fully approved by Dolby Labs.

Gravitas is a compressor and expander packed with unique features. It is optimized for mastering, but can be used for anything, from single sources, groups, buses, and, of course, complete mixes. When treated gently gravitas sounds marvellously transparent, just as if it even wouldn’t be engaged at all, but still miraculously bringing the dynamic range in shape. With the right settings gravitas can compress your drums to give them a punch never heard before. And it can do everything in between.

Integrated as a master channel module into the Mastering Console and the Dolby Atmos Composer v1.5, gravitas becomes the worlds first dynamics processor dedicated to tackling mix bus compression and mastering for Dolby Atmos, just like you know it from decades of stereo production. gravitas MDS and the Mastering Console / Dolby Atmos Composer bring the most powerful integrated Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering solution to the world, approved and certified by Dolby Labs.

NEW! - Mastering Console

Real mastering of Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF files, just like you know it from mastering stereo mixes for decades, is finally here!

NEW! - gravitas MDS

The most flexible highend mastering compressor on the planet. For single tracks, groups, buses and entire mixes. All formats, from mono to 128 channels and even Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos Composer

The professional Dolby Atmos tools for your creative workflow on any DAW.

Dolby Atmos Composer Essential

Greatly simplified workflow for Dolby Atmos productions on any DAW with the essential features, ideal for music productions.

spacelab interstellar

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