gravitas MDS

The ultimate mastering compressor

Highend dynamics, from mono up to 128 channels

Gravitas MDS is optimized for mastering but excels on anything, from single sources, groups, buses to complete mixes. It is the only compressor capable of giving your Dolby Atmos mix the same glue and shine you know from countless stereo records. Treat it gently to sound marvellously transparent almost as if not existing but miraculously shaping the dynamic range. Or compress your drums to give them a punch never heard before. And everything in between.

Really any format

Gravitas MDS works on anything, from mono and stereo up to 128 channels. In stereo mode it offers optional Mid/Side processing and on multichannel layouts you can adjust the LFE channels separately. Where the DAW permits, gravitas MDS offers a multichannel sidechain input for maximum flexibility.

Dolby Atmos mix compression

Integrated into the Dolby Atmos Composer and the Mastering Console, gravitas MDS is the only dynamics processor capable of processing your entire Dolby Atmos mix as a whole, be it a mixing session or an imported ADM/BWF file. In the Dolby Atmos Composer gravitas MDS offers a sidechain input.

Above and below the threshold

The unique DSP algorithm of gravitas MDS offers compression and expansion above and below the threshold while still being one dynamics circuit. Thus the pristine clarity of a highend mastering compressor is maintained while offering innumerable ways of shaping the dynamic range of any given signal.

A legend on steroids

The 3DET mode resurrects an amazing feature of the world famous AMEK mastering compressor where three differently tuned detectors are used for finetuned compression. But in gravitas MDS you are not restricted to mere compression and you now have full access to all parameters of each detector for maximum control.

Multichannel made easy

Gravitas MDS offers detailed access to which part of your multichannel input signal is processed in what way. Use the Input Configuration dialog to select the channels to process and the channels to trigger processing. The detector input mixer lets you finetune how gravitas MDS reacts to each selected channel.

Parameter linking

A feature used extensively by professionals is linking the parameters of different instances across a mixing session. The Parameter Linking editor lets you select the instances and parameters you want to access synchronously and automating changes in complex mixing scenarios become a piece of cake.

Key Features

The only dynamics for bus processing and mastering in Dolby Atmos!

(requires Dolby Atmos Composer or Mastering Console v1.5+)