Mastering Console

Dolby Atmos mastering.

Dolby Atmos mastering, as it should be

Real mastering of Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF files, just like you know it from mastering stereo mixes for decades, is finally here! The Mastering Console is the only Dolby Atmos mastering tool with a master channel and plug-in-like modules built in, which let you conveniently process the entire Dolby Atmos mix to give it the final touch.

Master Channel

Process your Dolby Atmos mix through the modules in the Master Channel in the same way as you would when mastering a stereo track. Measure your loudness in full speed for quickly matching the distributor's requirements.

Free routing & room tuning

Create the routing you need for your studio to conveniently listen on speakers and headphones at the same time without the need to rewire your setup. Tune each of your speakers using volume, delay and EQ.

Edit meta data

Quickly and conveniently edit the program level meta data. From binaural mode, description and groups for each channel in you Dolby Atmos mix to downmix, trim and balance for the entire file. Export and ready.

Approved by Dolby Labs

The Mastering Console is fully approved by Dolby Labs. It gives you access to all the settings for creating professional Dolby Atmos masters plus features you won't find in any other Dolby Atmos mastering solution.

Key Features



The Mastering Console can be bundled with: