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Plugin Alliance and Brainworx release Fiedler Audio TrueSpace-powered reverb plugin bx_rooM/S

TrueSpace technology and mid-side processing provide an infinite number of possible room shapes and unprecedented control over the stereo field.

Santa Cruz, CA — October 17, 2016 —Plugin Alliance and Brainworx are excited to release bx_rooMS, a breathtaking mid-side reverb and the next frontier in simulation of acoustic spaces and mechanical plates. Designed using groundbreaking TrueSpace technology developed by spatialization wizard Thomas Fiedler of Fiedler Audio, bx_rooMS produces the most realistic-sounding Room, Hall, Church, Plate and Ambience algorithms available. And in a first for reverb plugins, bx_rooMS’ mid-side parametric filtering, panning and width control of the reverb’s stereo field gives mix engineers, sound designers, audio post engineers and electronic musicians the ability to shape virtual spaces to fit any music or sound-for-picture application.

“bx_rooMS is a marriage of Brainworx’s industry-leading M/S technology and Fiedler Audio’s forward-thinking reverb designs, incorporating feedback in the development stage from some of our industry’s most trusted producers,” said Brainworx CEO Dirk Ulrich. “It’s the first plugin for what we hope to become a line of many special effects in our collection, and after many months of perfecting it our team couldn’t be happier to show it to the world.”

Mid-side processing is unequaled in its ability to transform stereo mixes. Now that power is available in a stereo reverb processor. Combining TrueSpace realism and flexibility, superb sound quality and unprecedented control over the reverb soundstage, bx_rooMS sets a new standard in algorithmic reverb.

Brainworx plugins, as well as all other Plugin Alliance products, are provided in AAX native, VST and AU formats for Mac OS 10.8 or higher and Windows 7 through 10. All Plugin Alliance products are available as fully functional 14-day demos at Plugin-Alliance.com.

To celebrate its release, Plugin Alliance is offering bx_rooMS at the introductory promo price of $99 – a 50% discount—through October 31, 2016.